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The Killing Storm by Kathryn Casey

Many of my blog followers wrote to let me know they enjoyed my interview with author Kathryn Caseyabout her bookSHATTERED. Some were fans who told me to waste no time getting to her fiction thrillers now that I've read all of her true crime books. Casey is another successful and brilliant writer who gave generously of her time to Madame Perry's Salon, for which we are honored.

Enjoy this trailer for The Killing Storm by Kathryn Casey. Then get the book as fast as you can. And a nightlight.


Author and Edgar Award Finalist Diane Fanning was very generous with her time when invited to Madame Perry's Salon. Her books are extremely well researched and tightly written. I encourage you to visit her website and purchase her books at your favorite bookstore.

I think reading true crime books teaches us to be aware of circumstances around us that aren't quite right, and to use reason when deciding what information to share with authorities when needed. Caylee Anthony had every right to grow up and enjoy her life.

The Grips Kthjellu - Tonight is your night MTV EXIT 2010 OFFICIAL VIDEO ...

Mentor Haziri, of the Albanian band Kthjellu, was one of my first co-interviewers here when at Madame Perry's Salon. Here is a video of their song "Tonight Is Your Night" from an MTV special. Mme. Perry obviously is a fan and recommends checking out their CD. Expect them to be here again in 2011.

Aura Imbarus - Out of the Transylvania Night Book Signing Party.

As the year closes I want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to read Madame Perry's Salon, leave me comments, share it with others, and especially the wonderful authors who've been generous with their interviews. They gave their time, in the midst of busy lives, line editing, promotions and much more even though I am not a famous person. Until year's end I will be playing bits of video of each and encouraging everyone to check out each of these brilliant writers.

Aura Imbarus made friends with me on a book bloggers ning. I loved e-mailing with her because she not only is intelligent with a broad knowledge horizon, but this woman has a very keen sense of humor! Even after the difficulties of living through Ceacescu's Communist regime and even more setbacks she details, Aura embraces life and a good challenge, and keeps that snappy sense of humor on hand in just about any language you choose. Love you Aura, thanks for honoring me with your friendship.

Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity by Aura Imbarus, Ph.D.

There is great value in this thing called the internet, despite several publicized incidents that would make us to think otherwise. Discovering  a 'ning' of bloggers who are passionate about books and their authors led me to the brilliant guest of this post. Actually, she very kindly made me welcome to the group the first day I joined, and I’m delighted.

A brief bit of background, Aura Imbarus was born and raised in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania, or more precisely in “Dracula’s county - Transylvania," Ms. Imbarus attended Lucian Blaga University, earning an MA degree in American and British Studies and a Ph.D. in Philology with the distinction Cum Laude. From 1990 to 1997, she worked as a journalist for Radio Contact, The National Journal, and Gallup Poll in Sibiu, Romania.

In 1997, Aura immigrated to Los Angeles, where she continued her education at UCLA and began her teaching career both as a high school and college professor. She is an educator, professional speaker, and…

SHATTERED, The Latest True Crime Book By Author Kathryn Casey.

Kathryn Casey has written six true crime books, three mystery novels and countless magazine articles. Fortunately for her readers, she doesn't appear to slowing down - ever. Indeed, she's had two books published in the last four months. I've read each of her true crime titles and am starting her novels next.
SHATTERED, released in August, was in the top ten on Amazon's best selling true crime list for over a month prior to publication, and continues to be a best seller in paperback and kindle. SHATTERED is the story of David Temple and Belinda Lucas Temple, who appeared to be the model of the all American ideal couple. David and Belinda were attractive, popular, successful, well-educated, and starting a beautiful family. That is, until the myth was exposed and destroyed by the horrible murder of Belinda and her unborn baby.
Kathryn Casey has somehow made room in her schedule to visit Madame Perry's Salon to talk about SHATTERED, so let us begin.
Perry: Welcome to Ma…

Fader Vixen - Performs 'Laser Fire' at their Studio

Music for Monday evening.  Toniet Gallego is a multi-media artist, writer, performer, craftsperson and musican. She is also a freind who inspires me greatly, and will be a guest here soon.

Crucifying Angel, Book One of the Future Imperfect Series by P.I. Barrington

Fans of sci-fi detective thrillers, this one's for you. Madame Perry's Salon is delighted to introduce you to author P.I. Barrington, here to discuss her book Crucifying Angel.

Perry: How did you choose the location and year for the setting of the Future Imperfect series?

Barrington: I wanted someplace that easily lent itself to dystopia and Las Vegas pretty much filled the bill. Under all that fa├žade of glitz and glamour Vegas.

Perry: That sounds right on target. The themes that propel the plot – cults, crucifixes, interpretations of the Holy Bible – though not new will remain in literature because they are ripe with danger, hope, fear, love, lust, power, and just about every other human emotion, strength or frailty. Did you feel it could also be treacherous terrain to plant the crux of the story’s conflict there?

Barrington: Actually, it wasn't that deep an interpretation. I did want to explore guilt in all its myriad facets, especially with Gavin and Payce and their huge b…

Madame Perry's Comments and VIPs On The Guest List.

This began as a comment but the length better suits it to a post. I appreciate everyone who has read this blog, commented, and even became followers. I'll do my best to keep bringing you great authors.

It was very exciting to have Diane Fanning give us her time so generously to discuss MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL. While she has two other books about to be published, she made time for the readers of Madame Perry's Salon.

To Celeste, Wrighton, & Rebecca - in this genre you can't get better than Ann Rule, Diane Fanning, and Kathryn Casey. News flash - Casey is our next guest! She will talk about her latest true crime book, SHATTERED. To Sandy, I understand, and want to add that during the diligent research for her book, Through The Window, Diane pulled together evidence that exonerated a woman wrongly accused and imprisoned for murdering her own little boy.

One of the reasons I find value in true crime books is that often the monsters commiting such heinous crimes are often…


My friend Aura Imbarus, author of Out Of The Transylvania Night, will be the next guest in Madame Perry's Salon. Enjoy this trailer as a preview.

A Visit With Diane Fanning, Author Of MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL, The Tragic Story Of Caylee Anthony.

I love and cherish many writers and many styles of writing. Yet I confess a serious addiction to a well written true crime book. One day we'll sort out the why of it. For now, it is very exciting to introduce one of my absolute favorite writers.

Diane Fanning is a master of the art. With ten true crime books, five novels, several short stories and blog contributions; the growth of her fan base has positioned her into the literary equivalent of rock star status. Her latest book, MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, about the murder of three-year-old Caylee Anthony, is an Edgar Award finalist. If you're a fan, you know I'm thrilled to have some of her time. If not, read on. You'll get it.

Perry: Thank you so much for visiting Madame Perry's Salon, Diane. Because I like to keep a conversational feel here, I've invited author Aura Imbarus, PhD, whose memoir, Out of the Transylvania Night, has just been published.

Aura: I'm very happy to be here and to meet you also, Diane. I a…

Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts Book Trailer

Laura Benedict knows how to make you sleep with all the lights on! We hope she will visit Madame Perry's Salon very soon.

Signing in the Waldenbooks by Parnell Hall

The brilliant author Tom Parnell sings of every author's fears, nightmares, and to many - bad memories. We are not alone. Maybe today we can all buy a Tom Parnell book, and he'll visit Madame Perry's Salon to talk with us.

Walter Fredericks, writing as T.F. Walters, My Brother's Keeper

T. F. Walters, author of My Brother's Keeper

In 2009 I met T. F. Walters and his friend, film maker/actor Keith Hayes, in Waldenbooks store in the CNN center in Atlanta, where he was scheduling an event to promote My Brother's Keeper. A handsome man, he has an aura that is simultaneously understated and intriguing. Walters' debut novel is the story of brothers Dallas and Dakota Seabrook and their mother, Nora Seabrook. Nora is doing her best to keep a good home and raise two boys in Harlem in the 80s and 90s after their father goes out for the proverbial loaf of bread of no return.

The call of the streets and fast money have an iron clad grip on Dakota, the older brother, while Dallas is a carefree fellow who enjoys and excels at school and sports. What the boys have in common is a fierce devotion to each other and their mother. Told through the eyes of Dallas we are provided the sights, sounds and feel of their lives as if watching a 3-D film, thanks to Walters' tigh…

"Conquering Venus" ~ a novel by author and poet Collin Kelley

This review of author Collin Kelley's novel, "Conquering Venus" published by Vanilla Heart Publishing in 2009, was written by Madame Perry, and was previously published in New Southerner magazine.

When reality becomes too painful, who hasn’t wished to be able to run away to another city or even another country - a place without reminders or other people who remember what we can’t forget or face. In Collin Kelley’s new novel Conquering Venus, Martin Paige does and seizes that chance when his best friend Diane, a high school teacher, invites him to accompany her to Paris, as a chaperone for a group of students on their graduation trip.

Still grieving his lover Peter’s suicide, and consumed by despair, Martin makes the life-altering decision to accept her offer. He is immediately drawn into an escalating relationship with David McLaren, one of the students. David appears by turns affectionate and cruel as he flirts with Martin, rebukes him, and retreats into alcohol. But Da…

Deneane Clark, Romance Author

Welcome to the first gathering of Madame Perry’s Salon, where you will meet a charming author of historical romance novels, … What was that? I beg your pardon, you say you’re not a fan of this genre? By all means, do come in anyway. Neither were some of us until this lady made us all a fan of her beautiful, independent, lust inspiring Ackerly sisters and their world with her first books - Faith and Grace. Come in, sit and listen as Deneane Elise Clark talks about her books and answers a few questions.
Joining us tonight are Albanian musician and songwriter Mentor Haziri, of the popular European band Kthjellu, and writer George LaCas, author of The Legend Of Jimmy Gollihue.

Deneane Elise Clark is a native of New Orleans who now lives in Charlotte, though she’s planning a return to her treasured NOLA. Her third book, Charity, will be in bookstores on October 1, 2010.

Mme. Perry: Deneane, we’re delighted to have you here and excited to hear about the new book you have coming out. Your fi…