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"The Corruption Of Innocence, A True Story Of A Journey For Justice" by Lori St. John

Today I welcome attorney and author Lori St. John to talk about her book The Corruption Of Innocence, A True Story Of A Journey For Justice.

Madame Perry:Welcome to Madame Perry’s Salon, Lori. We met last year at Book ExpoAmericaand I was delighted to see you again this year. I believe you are on another book tour at the moment.

LSJ: Yes, it was lovely to meet you last year at the Book Expo and again, this year. I am promoting my book in Australia and Japan where future publication and speaking opportunities are opening up for me to share my life’s work.

MP:The Corruption Of Innocenceis a powerful non-fiction legal thriller documenting your steadfast resolve to prevent the execution of an innocent man. The story begins when you are at a crossroads in your life after years of marriage, motherhood, and a career as a CPA. Shortly after you began working as a volunteer for Centurion Ministries you are assigned a case that took you halfway around the world and set in motion a j…

Troy Blackford - Book Signing with Nobody There

I'm a Troy Blackford fan. Do you think he would visit Madame Perry's Salon?

Blackford is undoubtedly a good writer, and I appreciate people who can amuse themselves, just as he is doing here.

Author BA Goodjohn Skillfully Enchants And Haunts Us In "Sticklebacks And Snow Globes"

Welcome again to my salon! Lately I've read some marvelous books where the authors let the story be told in a refreshingly different way. One that I'm about to share had me hooked before I realized the clever technique used. It is an honor to introduce you to BA Goodjohn.

Madame Perry: I am so delighted to have you here at last. Come in, take a comfortable seat, and let us talk about your work. BA Goodjohn: Thanks, Jennifer. Don’ t mind if I do.

MP:Sticklebacks And Snow Globes, set in the 70s, is about a group of working class girls growing up in the UK. The story is rendered mainly through the point of view of children. They may not understand adult talk and problems, yet they know it has power over their lives which they can not control. Their knowledge of adult affairs is gained empirically and from rumors, and some deal in adult situations. How did you decide to write from the children’s perception instead of the adults?
BAG: I wrote the first chapter as a short story, and t…