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Bette Lee Crosby - Author, Artist, And Clever Philosopher With An Aptitude For Finding Perfect Spots To Commit Murder!

Darlings, you are in for another fabulous treat - Bette Lee Crosby!
Mme. Perry:  It was lovely to meet you at Book Expo America 2014 in New York and find we have a mutual friend in AuthorsOn The Air host Pam Stack.  Thank you for visiting here at my salon.

Bette Lee Crosby:It’s a pleasure to be here. I enjoy connecting with readers and since I am a big fan of the 20’s and 30’s it is especially lovely to be invited to a Salon. I feel a bit like Owen Wilson in Midnight In Paris.

MP: Congratulations on all the awards your book, Spare Change, has received. They include, and there are probably more now, USA Today Bestseller, #1Barnes and Noble Bestseller, Amazon #1 Literary Fiction Bestseller,Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner, FPA President’s Book Award, Royal Palm LiteraryAward, Readers View Regional Fiction, Eadon Contemporary Fiction Award, andBook Bundlz Finalist. I can imagine that puts a bit of well earned swagger in your step!

BLC: Indeed it does. You might think it gets to be old hat,…