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"Conquering Venus" ~ a novel by author and poet Collin Kelley

This review of author Collin Kelley's novel, "Conquering Venus" published by Vanilla Heart Publishing in 2009, was written by Madame Perry, and was previously published in New Southerner magazine.

When reality becomes too painful, who hasn’t wished to be able to run away to another city or even another country - a place without reminders or other people who remember what we can’t forget or face. In Collin Kelley’s new novel Conquering Venus, Martin Paige does and seizes that chance when his best friend Diane, a high school teacher, invites him to accompany her to Paris, as a chaperone for a group of students on their graduation trip.

Still grieving his lover Peter’s suicide, and consumed by despair, Martin makes the life-altering decision to accept her offer. He is immediately drawn into an escalating relationship with David McLaren, one of the students. David appears by turns affectionate and cruel as he flirts with Martin, rebukes him, and retreats into alcohol. But Da…

Deneane Clark, Romance Author

Welcome to the first gathering of Madame Perry’s Salon, where you will meet a charming author of historical romance novels, … What was that? I beg your pardon, you say you’re not a fan of this genre? By all means, do come in anyway. Neither were some of us until this lady made us all a fan of her beautiful, independent, lust inspiring Ackerly sisters and their world with her first books - Faith and Grace. Come in, sit and listen as Deneane Elise Clark talks about her books and answers a few questions.
Joining us tonight are Albanian musician and songwriter Mentor Haziri, of the popular European band Kthjellu, and writer George LaCas, author of The Legend Of Jimmy Gollihue.

Deneane Elise Clark is a native of New Orleans who now lives in Charlotte, though she’s planning a return to her treasured NOLA. Her third book, Charity, will be in bookstores on October 1, 2010.

Mme. Perry: Deneane, we’re delighted to have you here and excited to hear about the new book you have coming out. Your fi…