Monday, February 5, 2018

The Rock Bottom Remainders! Amy Tan sings "One Way or Another"

Downstairs At The White House 
by Don Stinson 

The story of a teenager, an oval office, and a ringside seat to Watergate!

At the age of 17, Don Stinson accidentally landed a job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the worst political scandal in American history. Within 18 months of cashing his first paycheck, Watergate ripened into a national nightmare, the President and the Vice President of the United States resigned, and a little-known Michigan Congressman became the nation’s first unelected Chief Executive. It was a tragedy, a political and constitutional crisis of epic proportions, and a circus. A truly insignificant member of the White House staff, he frequently loitered outside of the Oval Office to watch it unfold. Click the link below to enjoy this interview!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kasim Sulton Visits Madame Perry's Salon 01/24 by Madame Perrys Salon | Entertainment Podcasts

Kasim Sulton Visits Madame Perry's Salon 01/24 by Madame Perrys Salon | Entertainment Podcasts: Meet Kasim Sulton tonight on Madame Perry's SalonThough fans know and love Kasim Sulton for his work with Utopia, Todd Rundgren, MeatLoaf, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, Hall & Oates and so many more - Sulton also has an impressive body of work of his own music and a new EP. He's touring now and generously added Madame Perry's Salon to his calendar.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Water Ski Wonder Shellie Blum Visits Madame Perry's Salon 12/06 by Madame Perrys Salon | Entertainment Podcasts

Water Ski Wonder Shellie Blum Visits Madame Perry's Salon 12/06 by Madame Perrys Salon | Entertainment Podcasts: Shellie Blum grew up in a family of swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. The water ski girI wonder was practicing her back-flip in March 1989 when she became the first female water-ski pro to be dragged by the neck through the water at 36 mph. Blum survived the Hangman's Fracture and a broken jaw. The thing Blum was better at than any other woman in the world, the one thing she loved deliriously, was over. She was left with a paralysis of a different sort: depression, bills and more grueling setbacks. Shellie Blum has written a fantastic memoir titled Waterski Girl Wonder, and I know you're going to love meeting her in Madame Perry's Salon. The theme music for Madame Perry's Salon, Miss E's Vacation, is composed and performed by Denton Perry. Get the new dates and times for Jennifer Perry's webinars, 'Promote This! DIY Publicity For Authors/Musicians.'

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Author Jennifer Irwin Visits Madame Perry's Salon 11/02 by Madame Perrys Salon | Entertainment Podcasts

Author Jennifer Irwin Visits Madame Perry's Salon 11/02 by Madame Perrys Salon | Entertainment Podcasts: We are delighted to welcome author Jennifer Irwin to Madame Perry's Salon. Irwin will talk about her novel A Dress The Color Of The Sky, writing, inspiration, and the thrill of selling the film rights!

For too many years, Prudence Aldrich has been numbing the pain in her life with random sexual encounters. Her marriage to cold, self-centered Nick is, not surprisingly, on the rocks. But after several dangerous experiences with strangers, Prudence finally realizes that she needs therapy to stop her self-destructive behavior, and so she checks into the Serenity Hills rehab center. Prudence blames herself for her irresponsible behavior and is filled with self-loathing.

She's convinced she's totally at fault for Nick's manipulative attitude and that, with therapy, she can return their relationship to its idyllic beginning. However, her therapist and the other members of her rehab group see the person behind the pain. As Prudence learns more about herself and the reasons for her behavior—including startling revelations about her childhood—she begins to understand the basis for her lack of sexual self-respect. She also learns that she's not entirely to blame for the failure of her marriage.

With the positive reinforcement from everyone at Serenity Hills, Prudence learns not to define herself by her past. But moving forward would mean letting go of Nick for good—and Prudence isn't sure she can.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dear Authors, People can't buy your book if they don't know about it!

Congratulations on writing and publishing your book! Now what? Are you going to share it with the world or let it slip beneath the waves with barely a murmur?

Maybe you can't afford a publicist yet, however you can still begin promoting your books like a pro. I'm the owner of Lone Wolf Communications, LLC, a boutique entertainment publicity firm, and I've created an affordable, interactive webinar to give you the tools to start promoting your book.

Promote This! DIY Publicity For Authors is still only $89! Chock full of pro tips and insider secrets, it's also interactive so you can ask questions and let me know your needs and concerns. There are also handouts so you don't have to spend all the time taking notes.

Below are a few pictures of client events. Now let's get your career as an author soaring!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016

"Association Time At The Blue Ridge Women's Correctional Center" by Bunny Goodjohn

Bone Song, Bunny Goodjohn's first book of poetry was published in 2015. In this video the poem is read by actor Shane Stadium.

Bone Song is about scars, about how childhood leaves its mark on us forever. Some of those marks become silvery with time, more shadow than scar. Some remain livid. Others, like oysters building pearl around the irritation of sand, form layers of padding against future damage.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Kimberley Kleczka - Creator Of Koolamundo 

Kimberley Kleczka is a cosmopolitan, multimedia powerhouse whose cool world - Koolamundo - is gaining worldwide fans with such speed that we wonder how she manages to maintain the production of books, music, and videos to keep up with the demand. 

Tonight she's my guest on Madame Perry's Salon, and if you're listening live you can call the studio at 646-716-9922 and talk with her. If you download the episode from BlogTalkRadio or iTunes you can still leave a comment or message for Kimberley and she will reply.

Kimberley grew-up as a third culture kid; born in the UK, and then living in Africa, America, New Zealand and several European countries.  She is on a journey to educate and entertain our children and youth about the Kool world we live in through her books, audio books, sing-a-long books and videos. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Wildly Unconventional 'Finding Tambri' Book Tour

The Wildly Unconventional 'Finding Tambri' Book Tour: The book, 'Finding Tambri,' tells the story of a woman who suffers the loss of her young son and the disintegration of her perfect marriage to her high school sweetheart.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another installment of Madame Perry's Salon featuring The Unusual Suspects. Tonight the TUS includes author and poet Collin Kelley, author and editor Rebecca McFarland Kyle, baron of Dreadnought Radio known on the airwaves at DJ DarkFang and keeper of the steam at Wild, Wild West Steampunk Con James Breen, America's number one chap hop artist Poplock Holmes, author and artist Robert Leland Taylor, author Mitzi Szereto & her sidekick author Teddy Tedaloo, and a couple of others who requested anonymity discussing the issues of the day, swapping lies and cracking wise.

If you really have nothing else to do with your time, why not listen?

DJ DarkFang aka James Breen