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David Herrle Enraptures Us With "Sharon Tate And The Daughters Of Joy."

Lovers of poetry may know David Herrle for his book, Abyssinia, Jill Rush and his popular ezine SubtleTea. Now he's here to discuss his new book, which blends poetry with prose, Sharon Tate And The Daughters Of Joy. We're joined by a dear friend who actually introduced me to David's work years ago, poet and author Collin Kelley.

Collin Kelley: In one sentence describe this new collection.
David Herrle: I haven’t a short wind in my body, but, aside from being bubblegum self-psychoanalysis, the book is an aphoristic odyssey through aesthetics, art, beauty, sexuality, atrocity, mortality and salvation contextualized by the grisly dooms of Queen Marie Antoinette, Ripper-victim Mary Jane Kelly and Sharon Tate. 
Mme. Perry: The reader is guided in an orderly manner into some shocking, sharply defined and richly pigmented places from Invocation to Sermon to Benediction. How did you determine the order of the book?
DH: Early on the book was intended to be about only Sharon Tate and th…

Veronique Chevalier tells us about "Forevermore," by Jim Musgrave


The DarkLicious Diva of Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier, voices this trailer for the first of the Detective Patrick O'Malley Mysteries - Forevermorefrom the magnificently bizarre imagination of author Jim Musgrave.