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Madame Perry's Salon Is Officially An Award Winning Blog!

Aussie author, TV producer & host Sylvia Massara has presented Madame Perry's Salon with The Versatile Blogger Award. It is my first blog award and I am delighted. It comes with requirements, however, to reveal seven things about myself (which I'll mercifully keep short) and to award it to five other blogs.

So, the seven reveals about Madame Perry.
* I've riden a camel in the Canary Islands.
* I prefer driving a car with a manual transmission.
* Six times I've sung The Star Spangled Banner at the Monster Truck Jam Event in the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center.
* One should never deny while in my presence that Rosalind Russell was the only true Auntie Mame.
* Dog is my co-pilot.
* It continually astounds me that I have met so many fun, fascinating and delightful people through blogs and social media.
* It also astounds me that over the course of four years I hung out with my jazz idol Anita O'Day more times than I can count in New York City, Los Angeles and…