Author and Edgar Award Finalist Diane Fanning was very generous with her time when invited to Madame Perry's Salon. Her books are extremely well researched and tightly written. I encourage you to visit her website and purchase her books at your favorite bookstore.

I think reading true crime books teaches us to be aware of circumstances around us that aren't quite right, and to use reason when deciding what information to share with authorities when needed. Caylee Anthony had every right to grow up and enjoy her life.


Leigh Russell said…
You are so right, JP.
ann said…
I agree little Caylee Anthony had every right to grow up - but it was horribly and tragically taken away from her.
Jessica said…
This is such a terrible and heart-breaking story. My mom lives in Florida so we had recently been talking about this. Brings tears to my eyes. That little girl looks a whole lot like my own daughter.

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