Aura Imbarus - Out of the Transylvania Night Book Signing Party.

As the year closes I want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to read Madame Perry's Salon, leave me comments, share it with others, and especially the wonderful authors who've been generous with their interviews. They gave their time, in the midst of busy lives, line editing, promotions and much more even though I am not a famous person. Until year's end I will be playing bits of video of each and encouraging everyone to check out each of these brilliant writers.

Aura Imbarus made friends with me on a book bloggers ning. I loved e-mailing with her because she not only is intelligent with a broad knowledge horizon, but this woman has a very keen sense of humor! Even after the difficulties of living through Ceacescu's Communist regime and even more setbacks she details, Aura embraces life and a good challenge, and keeps that snappy sense of humor on hand in just about any language you choose. Love you Aura, thanks for honoring me with your friendship.


Jessica said…
Wow I never realized that Transylvania was in Romania. I have known several girls that were from Romania. I like how she explains that they were living beneath "another Dracula". I had no idea that this is how Romania is.

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