Friday, October 8, 2010

Madame Perry's Comments and VIPs On The Guest List.

This began as a comment but the length better suits it to a post. I appreciate everyone who has read this blog, commented, and even became followers. I'll do my best to keep bringing you great authors.

It was very exciting to have Diane Fanning give us her time so generously to discuss MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL. While she has two other books about to be published, she made time for the readers of Madame Perry's Salon.

To Celeste, Wrighton, & Rebecca - in this genre you can't get better than Ann Rule, Diane Fanning, and Kathryn Casey. News flash - Casey is our next guest! She will talk about her latest true crime book, SHATTERED. To Sandy, I understand, and want to add that during the diligent research for her book, Through The Window, Diane pulled together evidence that exonerated a woman wrongly accused and imprisoned for murdering her own little boy.

One of the reasons I find value in true crime books is that often the monsters commiting such heinous crimes are often disguised as the friendly neighbor, a regular Joe or Jane, the quiet fellow who installs the sprinkler systems, the guy everyone thinks is just swell. My hope is that this opens people's eyes to be aware of things that just don't seem right or a bit out of place, to listen to victims with an open mind, pay attention to their surroundings, and to be willing to give information to the police. If you have information that you are reluctant to share because you 'don't want to be involved'; you are already involved. Choosing not to help allows someone else to be a victim.

I also have the excellent Italian American journalist Candace Dempsey visiting soon to discuss her book, Murder In Italy, the tragic story of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, and the American student who shared the flat and was indicted for her murder, Amanda Knox. I have to admit she turned me around completely on this case.

Book trailers - what do you think of them? I have two posted on this blog. One is for Out Of The Transylvania Night, a memoir by Aura Imbarus, Ph.D., about living in Romania during the revolution that occured during Communist dictator Nicolae Ceacescu's rule. She will be stopping by the salon in a week or so. I also posted the trailer for Laura Benedict's book, Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts. Ms. Benedict is at the top of my wish list for MPS guests.

My dear friend, Collin Kelley, has returned from his UK tour during which he was a guest lecturer at Oxford. He will return to Madame Perry's Salon with the sequel to his novel Conquering Venus.

Oh, yes, author P.I. Barrington will be here talking about her detective thriller Crucifying Angel, set in the not to distant future in Las Vegas!

It is always an absolute thrill when these authors kindly fit my questions for Madame Perry's Salon into their quite busy schedules. They have my gratitude for sharing, as all my readers and followers do for your time and comments. One more shout out to Helen Ginger, whose blog Straight From Hel has been more helpful to me than she can imagine.  Please keep buying books, reading, visiting me, commenting and inviting your friends. I think you are all wonderful!

Madame Perry

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Jennifer Perry said...

Mystee, with ya sister!
Grant, Don't we all? You'll be just fine.
Mike Draper - I'm waiting for that one now. I was at BBQ joint and people who had read the blog were taking turns doing their own re-enactment of a 3 shot suicide. You know, 'damn, missed (hopping around, rubbing other foot) etc.