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SHATTERED, The Latest True Crime Book By Author Kathryn Casey.

Kathryn Casey has written six true crime books, three mystery novels and countless magazine articles. Fortunately for her readers, she doesn't appear to slowing down - ever. Indeed, she's had two books published in the last four months. I've read each of her true crime titles and am starting her novels next.
SHATTERED, released in August, was in the top ten on Amazon's best selling true crime list for over a month prior to publication, and continues to be a best seller in paperback and kindle. SHATTERED is the story of David Temple and Belinda Lucas Temple, who appeared to be the model of the all American ideal couple. David and Belinda were attractive, popular, successful, well-educated, and starting a beautiful family. That is, until the myth was exposed and destroyed by the horrible murder of Belinda and her unborn baby.
Kathryn Casey has somehow made room in her schedule to visit Madame Perry's Salon to talk about SHATTERED, so let us begin.
Perry: Welcome to Ma…

Fader Vixen - Performs 'Laser Fire' at their Studio

Music for Monday evening.  Toniet Gallego is a multi-media artist, writer, performer, craftsperson and musican. She is also a freind who inspires me greatly, and will be a guest here soon.

Crucifying Angel, Book One of the Future Imperfect Series by P.I. Barrington

Fans of sci-fi detective thrillers, this one's for you. Madame Perry's Salon is delighted to introduce you to author P.I. Barrington, here to discuss her book Crucifying Angel.

Perry: How did you choose the location and year for the setting of the Future Imperfect series?

Barrington: I wanted someplace that easily lent itself to dystopia and Las Vegas pretty much filled the bill. Under all that fa├žade of glitz and glamour Vegas.

Perry: That sounds right on target. The themes that propel the plot – cults, crucifixes, interpretations of the Holy Bible – though not new will remain in literature because they are ripe with danger, hope, fear, love, lust, power, and just about every other human emotion, strength or frailty. Did you feel it could also be treacherous terrain to plant the crux of the story’s conflict there?

Barrington: Actually, it wasn't that deep an interpretation. I did want to explore guilt in all its myriad facets, especially with Gavin and Payce and their huge b…

Madame Perry's Comments and VIPs On The Guest List.

This began as a comment but the length better suits it to a post. I appreciate everyone who has read this blog, commented, and even became followers. I'll do my best to keep bringing you great authors.

It was very exciting to have Diane Fanning give us her time so generously to discuss MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL. While she has two other books about to be published, she made time for the readers of Madame Perry's Salon.

To Celeste, Wrighton, & Rebecca - in this genre you can't get better than Ann Rule, Diane Fanning, and Kathryn Casey. News flash - Casey is our next guest! She will talk about her latest true crime book, SHATTERED. To Sandy, I understand, and want to add that during the diligent research for her book, Through The Window, Diane pulled together evidence that exonerated a woman wrongly accused and imprisoned for murdering her own little boy.

One of the reasons I find value in true crime books is that often the monsters commiting such heinous crimes are often…