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Bette Lee Crosby - Author, Artist, And Clever Philosopher With An Aptitude For Finding Perfect Spots To Commit Murder!

Darlings, you are in for another fabulous treat - Bette Lee Crosby!
Mme. Perry:  It was lovely to meet you at Book Expo America 2014 in New York and find we have a mutual friend in AuthorsOn The Air host Pam Stack.  Thank you for visiting here at my salon.

Bette Lee Crosby:It’s a pleasure to be here. I enjoy connecting with readers and since I am a big fan of the 20’s and 30’s it is especially lovely to be invited to a Salon. I feel a bit like Owen Wilson in Midnight In Paris.

MP: Congratulations on all the awards your book, Spare Change, has received. They include, and there are probably more now, USA Today Bestseller, #1Barnes and Noble Bestseller, Amazon #1 Literary Fiction Bestseller,Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner, FPA President’s Book Award, Royal Palm LiteraryAward, Readers View Regional Fiction, Eadon Contemporary Fiction Award, andBook Bundlz Finalist. I can imagine that puts a bit of well earned swagger in your step!

BLC: Indeed it does. You might think it gets to be old hat,…

Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart (book trailer)

All Hail The True Crime King - Gary C. King! Gary C. King is one of the world's foremost true crime writers and serial killers expert, a reputation he has earned over the last 33 years with the publication of more than 500 articles in true crime magazines in the United States, Canada, and England.King's many television appearances include Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, E!, BBC, Court TV, Inside Edition. I could go on but let's talk to man himself. Madame Perry: Welcome to Madame Perry’s Salon, Gary, it’s an honor to have you here. Please make yourself comfortable. My first introduction to true crime books was the reigning queen of the genre – Ann Rule. Let me share a quote from your website. ”King took over Ann Rule’s job as Pacific Northwest stringer for True Detective, Official Detective, Inside Detective, Front Page Detective, and Master Detective magazines, writing hundreds of nonfiction articles under various names until those magazines ceased publication in th…

In The Mix With Joey Stuckey

Readers, it would take an entire blog post to list the awards, affiliations, and celebrity clients and collaborators of this guest. I'll just have a little talk with him, then you can visit his website. Trust me, you'll do that. Madame Perry: Hello, Joey, and welcome to Madame Perry’s Salon. Please make yourself comfortable. Joey, I had heard people rave about your mad talent as a musician for many years. Actually our mutual friend, musician, songwriter and vocalist Sue G. Wilkinson was the first person to tell me about you. When did you begin to play music, and on what instrument?
Joey Stuckey: Sue is amazing and a true one of a kind talent, we have a lot of respect for each other and I am honored she brought me to your attention.
I first took piano around seven years old, but, only took for six months. As a kid I had a lot of health problems, the result of a brain tumor, and just wasn't ready to give of myself to make music. I was more interested in feeling better and doing…

Mermaid Picnics, Computer Gaming, and Dismembering The Past! Yes, We Have The Award Winning Helen Ginger In The House!

Settle in, folks, this is going to be a ride with a lots of twists and turns with this fascinating guest. Helen Ginger is the author of five books: three non-fiction, a short story anthology and a contemporary fiction, Angel Sometimes which won the 2013 USA Best Book Award For Fiction. She maintains an informational and interactive blog for writers and a weekly e-newsletter that has been going out to subscribers around the globe for thirteen years. She is an owner-partner and Women’s Marketing Director for Legends In Our Own Minds®, which specializes in creative networking opportunities for companies and groups.

And how could I not be enchanted with someone whose blog is titled Straight From Hel!

Madame Perry: Welcome to Madame Perry’s Salon, Helen. We’re delighted to have you here.
Helen Ginger: I am so glad to be here, too. Thank you for inviting me.
MP: It’s remarkable to find that after following your blog and being twitter pals for years, plus reading about you and your work, I’m s…