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Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts Book Trailer

Laura Benedict knows how to make you sleep with all the lights on! We hope she will visit Madame Perry's Salon very soon.

Signing in the Waldenbooks by Parnell Hall

The brilliant author Tom Parnell sings of every author's fears, nightmares, and to many - bad memories. We are not alone. Maybe today we can all buy a Tom Parnell book, and he'll visit Madame Perry's Salon to talk with us.

Walter Fredericks, writing as T.F. Walters, My Brother's Keeper

T. F. Walters, author of My Brother's Keeper

In 2009 I met T. F. Walters and his friend, film maker/actor Keith Hayes, in Waldenbooks store in the CNN center in Atlanta, where he was scheduling an event to promote My Brother's Keeper. A handsome man, he has an aura that is simultaneously understated and intriguing. Walters' debut novel is the story of brothers Dallas and Dakota Seabrook and their mother, Nora Seabrook. Nora is doing her best to keep a good home and raise two boys in Harlem in the 80s and 90s after their father goes out for the proverbial loaf of bread of no return.

The call of the streets and fast money have an iron clad grip on Dakota, the older brother, while Dallas is a carefree fellow who enjoys and excels at school and sports. What the boys have in common is a fierce devotion to each other and their mother. Told through the eyes of Dallas we are provided the sights, sounds and feel of their lives as if watching a 3-D film, thanks to Walters' tigh…