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Killer Girlfriend is a Killer Book!

I met Josh Hoffner at Book Expo America 2013 where he barely had a chance to look up while signing copies of Killer Girlfriend, The Jodi Arias Story. Hoffner and co-author Brian Skoloff take us into the proceedings of Arias' trial for the murder of former lover Travis Alexander, and put some light on the lives of the couple before and during their relationship.

Hoffner is the Southwest News Editor for the Associated Press and an aspiring screenwriter. Brian Skoloff is an Associated Press reporter, writer, video journalist and author. 

After learning that friend and author Angela Bradley followed the story daily until the trial ended, I invited her here to the salon to join the discussion. We only have Hoffner here today, but Skoloff felt that his co-author had done a magnificent job and he hopes we all enjoy the book. 

Madame Perry: The trial of Jodi Arias for the murder of Travis Alexander was this decade’s O.J.Simpson trial. Were you surprised at the amount of attention it recei…

Bryan Rivers - Hideaway

For more about Bryan Rivers read the post on Danny Gillan here in Madame Perry's Salon.

Wickedly Clever & Talented Danny Gillan Writes Books, Music, And Delights In Teaching Unsuspecting Yanks To Use The Word 'Wanker' Often

Once again I'm delighted at the power of the cyberworld to connect us with interesting and extraordinary people we might never meet otherwise. Such is the case with Scottish author and musician Danny Gillan, and I must include his housemate Jake. The wickedly clever and talented Gillan grabs you on the first page and yanks you into the story like that video by A-Ha. Yes. He's that good, and I am elated to welcome him to Madame Perry's Salon.

Mme. Perry:Will You Love Me Tomorrow has an unlikely beginning with one of the main characters planning their own death. Every character is thrown into situations where they must deal, for their own purposes and with no real experience, with the shady individuals from the record label, media and the various inevitable flotsam in their periphery. You have quite a nimble hand at rendering all of these people with their agendas and interactions. Obviously you are very familiar with the business side of music. Danny Gillan: Not really, to be…