Bryan Rivers - Hideaway

For more about Bryan Rivers read the post on Danny Gillan here in Madame Perry's Salon.


Eugenia said…
what a great song, these are kind of gem i look for in music, music that makes you think, touched your heart so deeply, thank you for introducing Bryan River in my music collection, great work.
Jennifer Perry said…
You're welcome. Yes, his music is heartfelt. And since this is Danny Gillan writing and performing music for the character Bryan Rivers in his book "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," I'm intriqued that he created such a multi-dimensional character who actually dies in the first few pages!
Andrea Robinson said…

Some of the YouTube videos are listed as written and played by Bryan Rivers and some are listed as written and played by Danny Gillan. But it's the same voice. And Bryan Rivers is dead but he's also fictional?

Mme. Perry, your comments confused me enough that I actually did go ahead and read the blog on Danny Gillan. Very thought-provocative and funny guy, and I'm glad you introduced him to me!
Danny said…
Sorry for the confusion, Andrea, and thank you for the lovely comments about the song.
I'm afraid Bryan is both fictional and, sadly, no longer with us.
It's really just boring old me :-)
Andrea Robinson said…
How tragic. To lose someone that never even existed. I have never heard of anything sadder. It's kind of a double loss.
Fortunately, Bryan will live on in our hearts and in YouTube even though he never lived on this planet. Thanks for clearing up the confusion, Mme. Perry and Danny.

But please don't apologize for the confusion, Danny. It's a way of life. :)
Jennifer Perry said…
Well stated, Andrea!

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