Monday, January 16, 2012

Madame Perry's Salon Is Officially An Award Winning Blog!

Aussie author, TV producer & host Sylvia Massara has presented Madame Perry's Salon with The Versatile Blogger Award. It is my first blog award and I am delighted. It comes with requirements, however, to reveal seven things about myself (which I'll mercifully keep short) and to award it to five other blogs.

So, the seven reveals about Madame Perry.
* I've riden a camel in the Canary Islands.
* I prefer driving a car with a manual transmission.
* Six times I've sung The Star Spangled Banner at the Monster Truck Jam Event in the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center.
* One should never deny while in my presence that Rosalind Russell was the only true Auntie Mame.
2011 - Mme Perry and
Monster Truck 'Reptoid'
* Dog is my co-pilot.
* It continually astounds me that I have met so many fun, fascinating and delightful people through blogs and social media.
* It also astounds me that over the course of four years I hung out with my jazz idol Anita O'Day more times than I can count in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Anita O'Day, Robbie Cavolina, Mme Perry

And now to present this award to five other blogs. My promise to you is that they are all worth visiting. Lo prometo!

Sisters in Crime - The best crime writing dames are found here! Their mission statement is "To promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry." 

Collin Kelley: Modern Confessional - Author, poet, playwright and journalist Collin Kelley's blog will by turns inform, entertain and provoke the reader. And he's one of my dearest friends. His book Remain In Light is a finalist for the Townsend Prize.

Kimmy Sue Ruby Lou - Essays on life and observations from a fascinating gal I met four years ago. As she says "Everyone has two faces. I simply have names for mine."

Janey Godley
Janey Godley - a Scottish stand-up comic, actor, journalist, playwright, podcaster and blogger and author of Handstands in the Dark, her critically acclaimed memoir. Brilliant with a whip-smart sense of humor, and very wise and insightful about people.

Richard Blandford's Hound Blog - The author of Hound Dog and Flying Saucer Rock & Roll has a blog as dry and funny to me as his tweets which are not unlike a rubber band snap. A great writer, but I also love that, like me, he values finding old books.

Sylvia Massara
 Again, my gratitude to Sylvia Massara. How lucky was I to meet you. I'm looking forward to being your publicist and living in Italy.